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We provide gentle early neurostimulation the first 2 weeks which helps increase the pups ability to cope with stress, adjust and later adapt to situations as adults.  We spend a lot of time loving, holding & socializing our puppies.  They will also be familiar with everyday household noises and activity.  We use many of the "Puppy Culture" stimulation techniques.  Your puppy will be litter box

trained, crate trained as well as introduced to grass potty training.  


All our puppies are veterinarian checked, microchipped, wormed & vaccinated. Our puppies come with a complete health record and a 1 year guarantee. Our parent dogs are health and genetically tested for optimal health.


These dogs are hypo-allergenic & non-shedding and will require routine grooming and professional grooming about every 8 weeks.  Ask your groomer for the "puppy cut" to keep the adorable forever puppy face.

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