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Helpful Information

Answers to frequently asked questions 


 - How much do your puppies cost?

    Cavapoo, Golden Cavapoo, Aussie Cavapoo:    $3800

    Pomapoo:   $3500

    Purebred Poodle: $2800 pet price (full AKC pricing is dependent on color)

    $ is due at the time you select & pick up your puppy.  

 - How long is your waitlist?

     0-4 months but it depends on what color, sex & size you are looking for. 


 - How does the waitlist work?

   When a new litter is 1-2 weeks old we go down the list (from the top) & contact people to ask if you are ready for a puppy.     Prompt response from you is very much appreciated as we prefer to spend our time with our moms & pups.  We

   will contact you via email & we ask that you respond within 24 hours letting us know if you are ready.  If we do not hear

   back from you we will place your name back onto the waitlist. You will NOT loose your spot on the waitlist but

   you will have to wait for the next litter.

 - How long is a dog pregnant?

   Gestation period for dogs is 61-65 days

 - When are puppies ready to go to their forever homes?

   Puppy selection & take home is usually all the same day when pups are 8 weeks old

 - How does puppy selection work?

   We schedule 1 hour for each family to play with the pups they will be selecting from.  After selecting your puppy we will          review your puppy's book that has all the information you will need to care for your new puppy.  The whole process

    takes about 2 hours. You will know your pick order when you commit to a specific litter.

 - Will our puppy come microchipped & vaccinated?

   Your puppy will be microchipped and have had it's first set of vaccinations at 8 weeks old.  Additional vaccinations will

    be your responsibility.


- What is litter box training?

   Your puppy will be litter box trained. The litter box replaces pee pads but does NOT replace you taking your puppy                  outside to go pee & poo. You will still need to take your puppy outside to teach him to go potty outside.

- Do we need to continue crate training?

  Your puppy will be used to sleeping in a crate with a litter box at the back of the crate. This will make potty training

  much easier and you will not have to get up in the middle of the night to let the puppy out to go pee. When your

  puppy stops using the litter at night it is time to remove the litter box. We strongly encourage you to continue

  crate training for many reasons. Dogs usually love to go into their crates as long as they are not "over crated".  

- What is the best way to get in touch with Northwest Doodle Dogs?

   We get flooded with people calling so we would prefer you reach out via email so we can better handle the

   volume of inquiries about our puppies. Email us:




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