Please fill out the puppy application before making a deposit. We want to review your application & talk with you before you make the deposit.

You can send a $300 deposit for our puppy waiting list with PayPal (3% service fee applies), Venmo or by personal check. If paying by check, your name will not be transferred to our puppy waiting list until the check has cleared your bank. Securing a place on our waiting list is on a first-come, first-served basis. Puppy deposits for the wait list are refundable.  We will call you after the litter has arrived to confirm you still want a puppy.  If you commit to getting a puppy at that time, then the deposit becomes non-refundable.  You may however choose to apply your deposit to a future litter that better meets your criteria for gender and coloring.  


If using Venmo use username: Rhonda-Peseau