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Going Home

We have listed all the recommended items you will need for a smooth transition for your new puppy on our website under "More" & "Products".  Click on the link for the specific item that is recommended.  We also send home the litter box that fits in the crate. This litter box is intended to stay in the crate so you also want to purchase the large litter box to keep inside the puppies exercise/play pen.  Keep in mind your puppy will grow so the large litter box is recommended.

Every puppy goes home with a book of information that includes:

1. Photo's, AKC registration & pedigree of your puppy's parents.

2. Puppy's growth & health records.

3. Vet exam

4. Microchip information

5. 8 Week vaccination record

6. Information on feeding, vaccinations, potty training tips etc.

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