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Welcome to Northwest Doodle Dogs, we are Rhonda and Judy, hobby doodle dog breeders in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Arlington, Washington which is 45 miles north of Seattle. We each live on 5 acres which provides lots of space for the dogs to roam and explore.  We specialize in breeding healthy, intelligent, well socialized Miniature Poodles, Cavapoo's, and Pomapoo's. Our puppies are bred with quality, patience and lots of love.
Poodles, Cavapoo's and Pomapoo's are all very loyal and are born with the makings of great family pets.  They have spirited happy personalities that are active but they also enjoy laying next to you on the couch. They are outgoing, devoted and are great dogs to consider for service dog candidates. They are affectionate and dependable with small children and yet they can be sporty and fun with more active families. They may be smaller but they have the heart of a big dog.
Cavapoo's & Pomapoo's
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