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Doodle Facts

  • The first dog to be doodled (on purpose) was the Goldendoodle in 1969 for guide dog purposes

  • Poodles are the 2nd smartest dog breed (Border Collie is the smartest)

  • Poodles do not shed and are hypoallergenic 

  • F1 Doodle: is a first generation cross between two purebred dogs

  • F1 Doodles can be bred back to a purebred(most commonly a poodle) to get a F1b doodle

  • F1b Doodle: is a second generation cross with a F1 doodle & purebred dog

  • Puppies in the F1 generation will have a greater genetic diversity than later generations because the back ground of their parents is the most different

  • It typically takes 2 copies of a bad gene to create symptoms of a disease

  • F1 & F1b doodles have the advantage of "hybrid vigor"

  • "Hybrid vigor" is a benefit in crossing breeds that reduces likelihood of passing 2 copies of a bad gene to offspring

  • If a dog has 1 copy of a recessive genetic disease they are a carrier but will not develop symptoms of that disease

  • Doodles are just downright awesome!

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